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Dr. Madisen Harper is a master facilitator who empowers audiences to look deep inside themselves and activate transformation to live a reverent vitality.

Madisen’s philosophy is an invitation towards an inward focus, your intraverse, to shine a light on what no longer serves our success as leaders, high-performers, and life enthusiasts and invert our behavior to create impact.

Through the inversion process, you can finally weed out what inhibits growth by gaining clarity around authenticity, happiness, and living a life fueled by matter and meaning.

Once you are free of these sabouteurs, your energy becomes a propelling force that fuels and seeds your desires, not what others expect of you, to gain confidence, and live courageously.

After ten years working within what she considered an institutionalized corporate landscape, Madisen found herself unable to continue in a job that didn’t create a sense of meaning. As a result, she launched into the world of entrepreneurialism co-founding fashion business 2Roads Design.

2Roads Design received millions of dollars in media coverage, seeing Madisen step into a world of influence as an ambassador for body image and female empowerment. She was a sought-after spokesperson, featured on A Current Affair, Womens Day and many dozens of publications worldwide, hosting motivational seminars and bringing powerful messages to the fore.

In this experience, Madisen embraced a deep sense of purpose and knew it was time to leap into the world of public speaking and transformative coaching and training, returning to her roots in strategic business and marketing consulting.

She started her own business and has been working with enterprises large and small ever since.

Madisen’s experience of corporate environments devoid of human experience became an inspired movement of accountable, zestful leaders (and everyone is a leader in her eyes).

These Individuals are dedicated to co-creating an exponential present and future by firstly transforming themselves and then creating a positive ripple effect to those around them, their organizations, customer experience, community, and beyond.

Decades of experience have evolved into scientific-based, proven, practical frameworks that have engaged hundreds of thousands of people globally.

Her new world paradigms for behavioral change are validated by leading organizations, startups, and educational institutions as she incites them to create meaningful change that spurs influence and innovation.

Madisen is the international bestselling author of limitLESS – 10 Energy Accelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential, based on her Ph.D. research. She also co-authored Wake Up…Live the Life You Love – Living in the Now and was the recipient of the Telstra Director’s Choice Award in 2017 & 2018.

As a speaker, Madisen brings an exuberance designed to burn through habits, mindsets, or behaviors that no longer serve success.

She has an infectious personality and high energy delivery, ensuring the audience is accountable for the results they have shown up to receive. Accountability is at the heart of her philosophy.

Today Madisen’s spirited consulting and coaching brand continues to breathe life into transformation, culture, leadership, change, and human potential. With a core focus on the psychology of performance and happiness, neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics. Creating a process of inversion, that transforms individuals, businesses, and the world.

Madisen holds a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master of Commerce in Marketing and Organizational Behavior and Change, Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Mass Communications and a Higher Diploma of Advanced Freelance Journalism. She also holds certificates in: Corporate Coaching and Mentoring, Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®), hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), project management and SAFe Agile.

Intrigued by ‘Essence’ and Not Just Experience?


“Thank you for your time and presentation at our Women of Wisdom (WOW) lunch. The event was aptly named with your presentation – everyone was truly “wowed” by your wisdom and expertise, and the feedback has been exceptional.

We look forward to hearing and reading more about your limitLESS journey, and are certain many of our attendees will be in touch with you individually to continue the conversation and engagement.

Thank you again for your time and ‘being of service’ to WCEI members and guests.

It was greatly appreciated.”

Andrea Plawutsky
Women Chiefs of Enterprises International​

“As a leadership team member of the National Speakers Association I get to see a lot of ‘inspirational’ speakers.

I was really inspired by Madisen. Her knowledge is deep, but her enthusiasm for helping others to commercially succeed sets her in a class apart. I, and the two other guests beside me, were enthralled.

Everyone left the room buzzing with ideas and a clear idea of something they would implement immediately.

Madisen is an exceptionally gifted and giving speaker.”


Julie Garland McLellan
Professional Speakers Australia