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An inside-out inversion integration to renew your mind, unlock your potential, and upgrade your life!




Stuck, unfulfilled, or bored by life?

Back Yourself 100%?

Are you ALL IN on life, or sitting on the sideline; hoping, over-thinking, settling, “Someday…”?​

Want MORE…?

You may be satisfied, but want to level-up your life, and crave guidance.



It’s time to stop playing small, ‘society safe’, and flip off fear and failure! News flash – if you’re not living authentically, purposefully, and in truth – you’re failing.

If you’re ready for life to be easier, transforming struggle, striving, and resistance into ease, clarity, and joy. Then shaft the stories that don’t serve you, release the constructs of the Mind and co-create Soul Alchemy alignment.

According to Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones Solution: Eating &  Living Like the World’s Healthiest People, “Purpose — the Okinawans call it ikigai and the Nicoyans call it plan de vida, which both translate to “why I wake up in the morning.” In all Blue Zones, people had something to live for beyond just work. Research has shown that knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to seven years of extra longevity.”

In the Reality Alchemist series my motive for you, and myself, is to feel sublimely alive again!

My intention is to re-ignite passion, purpose, and fulfillment. Fan the flames and douse them with fuel. It’s time to eradicate ‘existing’ and set our lives on transcendent fire!

Let’s Re-imagine Life​

What if you were gifted access to a renowned Human Potential & Transformation Expert?​

I’m Madisen and I’ve had the honor of guiding over 270,000 people in 29 countries on their individual, team and organization culture transformation journeys. 

Clients call me a Gracious Disruptor, and I’m passionate about providing new, energy expanding perspectives to catapult life vitality.


As part of my 2020 conscious contribution I was inspired to share the insights, strategies and practices my clients pay over $1000/hr for.

These new world professional and personal transformation strategies fuel a positive ripple effect that consciously enhances lives, teams, companies, customers, communities and beyond.

In the Reality Alchemist Podcast & Livestream, let’s decode the complex human spirit together through behavioral and success psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, spirited, fun and honest conversations.

Let’s Make a Conscious Connection

So what can you expect during the weekly podcasts and supporting livestreams?

Firstly, I promise to bring my best, spirited, intuitive, straight-talking self into every interaction. I’ll also share the themes and strategies drawn from my client base and latest research, and, of course, what inspires me. 

I have hundreds of topics to share, but will also be driven by your feedback. After the introductory session, I’m excited to start with two-practices that the world’s elite embody.

Then I’ll tap into the Quantum Field, available to all of us, to expand, and joyously explore how I can provide optimum value and be of service to you.

“What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to learn?”, “What are the stories you’re telling yourself, and how can we rewrite them?”, “What excites you in life?” We’ll explore questions to activate and amplify clarity, confidence and courage.


Welcome to the Reality Alchemist


New world transformation strategies for individuals and organizations to experience professional and personal enrichment coaching that transcend education and inspiration to amplify activation and integration.

Action Accelerators – Simple & Practical

I have no intention of adding unnecessary tasks to your full-life. My proven scientific fueled frameworks offer bespoke outcomes that ignite inspired action that is a nourishing ritual. Something you want to do, not have to do.

Heartfulness Practices (aka ‘mindfulness’ and ‘meditation’)

This is where we bypass the conscious mind’s limitations to tap into the powerful subconscious and Quantum Field where all opportunities exist.

The heart is the new mind!

Audios will be available separately from the podcast in the show notes

FREE Coaching & Quantum Q&A

Quantum physicists say life is an illusion. Here’s your opportunity to become a Reality Alchemist, and harness your locus of control – you! Tap into the world within you, your intraverse, to activate infinite potential and co-create a life experience that is exuberant, full of matter and meaning, and abundance of self, health and wealth: an inversion ignition to impact, influence, and innovation. Here’s your opportunity to embody and explore the podcast’s essence with livestream coaching. Scroll down to submit questions and  topic suggestions.

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