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About Madisen – Personal Development Expert

International bestselling co-author, inspirational speaker and life enrichment mentor,
Madisen Harper, has facilitated over 90,000 people in transforming their lives in the areas of self, health and wealth.
Madisen’s ‘limitLESS® Life’ program allows users to harness their subconscious mind to leverage the Law of Attraction
and finally succeed where other manifestation processes failed.

Living a limitLESS® Life

Madisen has been on her personal development journey since 2000. Over the decade she has discovered she discovered that ‘the real work’ is not the 9to5 career but the day-to-day commitment to self-reflection, tapping into your Inner Guru and balancing the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical counterparts to achieve success in self, health and wealth.

After 10 years of being ‘institutionalized’ in the corporate world and living on life’s flat line she decided, “There’s more to life than this crap.” She resigned from her job and started a fashion business called 2Roads Design. She worked in the business with her best friend and enjoyed the freedom, flexibility, creativity and positive environment.  2Roads did not achieve the financial success Madisen hoped for so after three semi-successful years the business was sold. At times she commiserated over 2Roads’ ‘failure’ but later realized it taught her what she was passionate about – communicating and inspiring others to live their best life.

The business received millions of dollars in media coverage due to Madisen’s success at promoting the company’s positive message of healthy body image and self-esteem. She was a sought after spokesperson, featured in dozens of publications and held motivating seminars. The feedback was consistent – she was inspirational. She reluctantly left the rewarding work of 2Roads and returned to what she knew best – strategic business and marketing consulting. Except this time she started her own business and has been consulting to businesses large and small ever since.

Her return to the corporate world reminded her why she left in the first place as she was surrounded by hundreds of employees who were miserable in their jobs and waiting until the end of the day, the weekend, the next pay check or vacation. They were always looking forward and rarely living in what they perceived to be the miserable present.

At least this time Madisen had the freedom of being her own boss and found she was able to create a space where she did not get involved in the negative aspects of the corporate world that previously bothered her. But she couldn’t ignore her colleague’s unhappiness and she spent less time on marketing and more and more time helping people move from loathing, to liking and sometimes even loving their job and life. She encouraged them to escape unfulfilling work by changing their attitude, behavior and / or environment. Little by little Madisen saw her clients change the way they felt about life by:

  • Identifying what wasn’t working in their lives and making changes to be more aligned with what they enjoyed.
  • Determining their beliefs and values and using them to make decisions and guide their life. Click here to determine your values.
  • Realizing that most of their unhappiness stemmed from fear. Fear of losing their job, fear of speaking up, fear of bullies, fear of asking for what they are worthy of such as respectful work conditions, a pay rise, better relationships, happier family life, supportive friends and so on.
  • Recognizing their self worth. Many settled for less because they don’t value themselves or their contributions. Madisen helped clients recognize what they enjoy and do best in their life.
  • Tapping into the Inner Guru. Some call it ‘intuition’, ‘inner knowing’ or accessing Source, their Guides or Universal knowledge. What ever the label it was this aspect that removed previous blocks to success and catapulted her clients to transforming their dream life into reality. Most would set time aside each day to access their Inner Guru and gain clarity on aspects of their life and specific instructions on steps they could take to move them along their joyful path.
  • Being more positive about their abilities and life in general and banning gossip, blame, whinging, politicking and other low level behavior.

The results were inspiring and many clients asked if she could write a book that outlined the framework they had been implementing to share with family and friends. The result was limitLESS®, a rework of her PhD thesis which focuses on harnessing the subconscious mind to power the Law of Attraction.  Madisen aims to help individuals live a limitLESS® life through her books, one-on-one consultations and enrichment seminars.

Her bestselling book, Wake Up…Live the Life You Love – Living in the Now, was co-authored with success expert Brian Tracy, sales champion Tom Hopkins, Millionaire Mentor Gregory Scott Reid and The Secret’s business guru John Assaraf and spiritual leader Dr Michael Beckwith.

Madisen holds a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master of Commerce in Marketing with a minor in Organizational Behavior and Change, Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Mass Communications and a Higher Diploma of Advanced Freelance Journalism.  She also holds certificates in: Corporate Coaching and Mentoring, Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®), hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP).

“She is an inspiration.” Robyn Henderson, former Director-General for the Department of Women 

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