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by Dr. Madisen Harper

Flow of lIfe

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is one of the techniques I share in my book, limitLESS – 10 Energy Excelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential, as a way to overcome barriers to success. It’s fast, simple and most of all effective.

I’ve recently discovered another version of this energy psychology called FasterEFT.

Traditional EFT states there is a disruption in your energy flow and by tapping with EFT you can fix it.  FasterEFT believes our problems are a creation of our mind and challenges feel real because we feel the sensations within our body e.g. fear, sadness, sore knee etc.  The body is simply reflecting the mind.

The key to Faster EFT is aiming internally at the the issue – we go ‘inside’ the mind which has recorded the memories and experiences and we re-imprint memories.

FasterEFT was developed by Robert Smith and uses the primary meridians for disrupting emotional triggers. FasterEFT accesses all the organs responsible for the creation of the fight or flight response we experience when there is a perceived threat – it could be any trigger; a sight, a sound, something someone says or does or our own thoughts. People react differently to the same event depending on their personal experience.

With FasterEFT changes occur, as the name suggests, faster. We focus on only five EFT tapping points and their associated meridians:

  • Between the eyes – Bladder
  • Temples beside the eyes – Gallbladder
  • Under the eyes – Stomach
  • Collar bone – Kidney
  • Wrist – Lungs, Large Intestine, Circulation, Heart, Triple Warmer

Here’s how the process works:

Identify a challenge. It can be physical, emotional, mental and / or spiritual.

Aim at the feeling first and give it a score out of 10, where 10 is very intense and 1 is not intense at all.

Close your eyes if you like and really tap into and notice the size and sensation and how big it feels within the body.

Could be sounds, something someone has said to you in relation to this issue, images, an event.

Your subconscious mind is working on your behalf; you don’t have to know the exactness of the issue. Just feel where it’s sitting within you and place your hand where this sensation is occurring in your body.

Whatever it is, make it bigger and feel it for the last time.

Can you imagine a tree in front of you? If I were to pull the roots out from under the tree, what would naturally happen to a tree without roots? It would die. That’s what’s happening to this issue.

Let’s get tapping, you don’t need to worry too much about the words, just keep aiming at the feeling if it gets too complicated. Following is a video of me going through the process:

Between the eyes – I release and let go of:

All sadnesses;
All fears;
All emotional traumas;

Side of the eye – I release and let go of all the angers, Resentments, Guilts and Judgments.

Under the eye – I release and let go of all Abandonments, Betrayals.

Collar Bone – I release and let go and it’s safe to let go of Helplessness, Hopelessness, Feelings of no control, Rejections and everything else.
That’s right, let it all go. It’s safe to let it go.

Take a deep breath, blow it all away – grab your wrist and say “Peace”.

Notice how you feel and measure the intensity, if it’s not a 0 or 1, we’ll tap again:

Between the eyes – I release and let go.

Side of the Eye – It’s safe to let go.

Under the Eye – It’s OK to let it go.

Collar Bone – It’s safe to let it go, release and let it go, whatever it means and wherever it comes from.

Hold the Wrist – Take a nice big deep breath in.

Peace – Say “Peace” drift to a place where you felt peaceful, go back and revisit – beach, your home, drifting there now. And I want you flip the memories so it can never play the same way again. History is determined by the storyteller, change the story. – e.g. father critical, father giving you a hug.

Keep running through the above process until the challenge is released.

FasterEFT on the Go

Download the 3.5 minute audio to your mobile device to access the FasterEFT process anywhere, anytime. Right click on the icon below and select ‘Save Link As’ (click here for technical assistance).