How to Get Answers to Your Questions in Life

There are answers to those questions that keep rolling around in your mind…you just need to ask

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but there are times when I just have the same thoughts mulling through my mind, and most of the time they’re not positive.

I’m a great believer of ‘better out than in’. My mind being consumed means it’s burning valuable energy I could use to do something positive instead of ruminating without resolution.

One day I thought, “I’m a reality alchemist, why don’t I just sit, with pen and paper, ask what’s going on in relation to what I’m thinking and see what happens?”

That simple activity was life changing and I now call it my Quantum Q&A time. Where I stop trying to solve the problem with the same mechanism that created it – the limited mind.

Instead I tap into the vast, omnipotent quantum realm where everything exists, has happened as there’s no time and space, and see what comes up.

The best thing is, anyone can do it!!

Here’s my process, you can be guided by it, or in your Quantum Q&A ask, “Is there a better way for me to get answers to my questions?”

My Quantum Q&A Process

  1. I set aside some time where I won’t be interrupted.
  2. I grab pen and paper, a study of students at Princeton and the University of California found that we have better comprehension when information is handwritten. I also find there is a flow of information that comes through my pen.
  3. I take a few deep breathes, breathing in and out of my heart-space (not where your physical heart is, but in the middle of the chest). This helps me feel more centered, and present to the process.
  4. I write down the letter ‘Q’ and my question.

    Then I write the letter ‘A’, and just start writing, without judgement.

    I repeat this process for as long as the information comes through, or the time I’ve set aside. Sometimes, it’s a 5-minute session, and at others, an hour has passed.

  5. I take action or respond with my new knowing.

“How do I know I didn’t just make the answers up?”

I get asked this question a LOT, here’s what I’ve gathered from the process:

  • – If it feels ‘good’, it’s often your inner guidance, if it’s feels fearful, worrisome or ‘icky’ (technical term) that’s often the ego at play, fighting for its existence and identity.

    Remember, you’re the boss of your mind, not the other way around! You can say something like, “I appreciate that you’re trying to ‘protect’ me, but it’s not working for me.  We’re going to try something different, so you’re either with me, or get out of the way.”

  • – Ask great questions. I’m quite specific, “Why do I have all this tension in my lower back?” as opposed to “Why does my body hurt?” The more specific, the better response. But sometimes I’m vast.
  • – So what if you made it up (but I doubt it)?  If it feels good go with it.  What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll feel positively delusional…better than drowning in fear, worry, and doubt.

I’m always astonished by the insights I receive, and how beautifully they’re written. There’s no way my confused mind could have written so prolifically.

Sharing my Quantum Q&A Insights

I thought I’d share some of the insights I’ve received:

Q: Why do I feel so guilty about going with the flow of I what I want to do, rather than what I think I have to do?

A: The most important thing you must do is what inspires you in the present. The guilt arises from your mind trying to take control and rob you of your flow, your natural, more joyful state of being. As opposed to the striving of the mind which is programed into you.

If you choose to avoid a task, then do it with joy, never guilt.

Your choices are: either be joyful in what you’re doing, or shut up about it and just do the avoided task. NOTE: the ‘shut-up’ bit was a part of me telling myself to wake-up and stop my shenanigans. It’s not unkind, just a way of reminding me that I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Q: Why are my legs and lower back so stiff when I’m usually so flexible?

A: Even though you have given up sugar, there are still foods that inhibit your body and energy flow. Experiment to determine your optimum intake. You can also energetically cleanse your food with the Ho’oponopono.

The lower back stiffness is indicating that you don’t feel supported. It is imperative that you ask for help. You are not alone on this journey.

Q: Why do I feel like I’m not getting what I desire?

A: You don’t ask… Short and to the point, and an amazing insight, and so true! Straight after, I started thinking of, and proclaiming all the things I’d find exciting – instant shift and manifestation.

Q: I feel like I get so much inspiration, I don’t know where to start, or I half finish things because the next brilliant idea arises.

A: Firstly, if you start something, finish it before going onto the next initiative. It will make you feel successful and fulfilled, but more importantly you will be honoring your purpose.

Secondly, from time-to-time the distractions are saboteurs creeping in. Interestingly, I had no intention of writing this blog, I had other plans… Originally this was just a post on social media and then I was inspired to provide more value by outlining the process, guidance on how to overcome trust and faith in your wisdom, and provide examples to illustrate how simple, yet profound, the process can be.





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