#6 – From Chaos to Calm

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#5 – How to Deal with Negative, Toxic & Annoying People

Don’t Let Other’s Negative Behavior Drain Your Positivity & Energy Unless you live on an island there will always be people who are negative, toxic or annoying. From parents who treat you like you’re still 5 years old to judgemental giants and drama Kings and Queens. They chew up a lot of time, thought and […]

#4 – When’s the Last Time You Were EXCITED?

It’s time to revive ourselves, let’s get excited again! RESOURCES Mentioned in Podcast Bridesmaids Food Poisoning Scene – still makes me laugh. Relevant, better out, than in 😉 Access your Inner Guru – check out this blog post on the Quantum Q&A process to access profound answers to your questions.   https://youtu.be/T-y55wbj9zchttps://youtu.be/wUQBcMh9hi4 Click to Listen […]

#3 – Gratitude & Appreciation – 2 of 2 Epic Fulfilment Strategies

Gratitude & Appreciation Fuels Fulfilment Practices to amplify an Attitude of Appreciation: Gratitude / Appreciation journal: spend a few minutes before bed, or throughout the day, writing down what you’re grateful for. List 100 things you’re grateful for each day. When you wake up, say, “Thank you”. For your life and the day to come. […]

#2 – Mindfulness / Heartfulness – 1 of 2 Epic Fulfilment Strategies

Don’t Have Time to Meditate?? You DON’T Not Have Time if You Desire an EPIC Existence Start a mindfulness practice 2-3 times a week for 5 to 10 minutes, or whatever inspires you. There are loads on YouTube, or you can download many of mine for free. If you’ve already got a practice, is it […]

#1 – Launch – Let’s Get to Know Each Other

I Invite You to Break the Constructs of the Mind… And Activate YOUR Reality Alchemist! Psychologist Arthur Aron and other intimacy explorers pondered whether responding to questions could accelerate intimacy between two strangers. The questions are in three sets, with each section inviting you to go deeper. Do an Inversion Introspection and get to know […]