#5 – How to Deal with Negative, Toxic & Annoying People

Don’t Let Other’s Negative Behavior Drain Your Positivity & Energy

Unless you live on an island there will always be people who are negative, toxic or annoying. From parents who treat you like you’re still 5 years old to judgemental giants and drama Kings and Queens. They chew up a lot of time, thought and energy.

In this episode, we’ll explore common behaviors, their motivation for being nasty instead of nice, and practices to understand why they’re annoying. Once you know, they’ll never bother you again.

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This simple audio practice allows you to discover the negative charge you experience from negative, toxic, and annoying people’s behavior and how to release it out of your life. After your first experience, use it as a housekeeping exercise to maintain clear, calm, and pristine energy.

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