The Answer to Your Question – “When Did You Start Doing What You’re Doing? And, How Did it Come About?”

Most times, when I run a keynote or Master Class, I have people ask me versions of, “How long have you been doing this, and how did it start?”


Q: How long?

A: I’ve been on a personal development journey for 15-years, and I turned this passion into my profession 10-years ago and then took it to another level in 2013.

Q: How did it start?

A: With me. I was my own guinea pig. I witnessed the difference it made to lifelong challenges I wanted to shift: weight, finance, and relationships.

Q: How did it turn into my ‘job’?

A:  Little by little. When I look back, I was infusing the essence of what I currently do since I started working in marketing. I’d get emails and notes from people I’d worked with saying, “You may not realize it, but you made a difference in my life.” It wasn’t intentional, I was just ‘being me’ – but I later understood that being authentic is a huge gift.

Was I perfect? Hardly! Decades ago, I was judgemental, insecure, always beating myself up, and there’s a residue that occassionally lingers to this day. The list goes on… BUT, I suppose others witnessed my essence when I wasn’t sabotaging it with fear, worry, and doubt.

Basically, my ‘selfish’ pursuit to ‘fix’ myself evolved into a selfless pursuit of service.


During different stages in my life my response changes, so I’ll give you the one I say today. Which focuses on WHY I currently do what I do.

Simply, I want to be happy…

And, at this stage, I can’t imagine doing anything else. Because YOU and I are my inspiration…


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