Happy 2019!!!!

Happy 2019!

I wanted to start the year of by sharing the end of year and new year ritual I did.

But for those of you are interested in numerology, it’s a ‘3′ year. which embodies joy, creativity, communication, emotional sensitivity, expression and socializing.  So basically we get to have a lot of expression where we are whole-heartedly passion driven, more in free-spirited flow and inject this into every part of our lives.  Sounds like a whole lot of f-u-n to me!

My birth year is also a ‘3’, so I’m excited to really amplify my natural state and I’m currently in an 8 year:

“In an 8 Personal year everything appears to be magnified… thus what you focus your attention on this year you will receive more of. In an 8 Personal Year you will tend to have that certain je ne sais quoi, that intangible quality that makes you desirable and attractive to others… it is up to you whether you flaunt it or stick you head in the sand and hide it ! When you focus positively on abundance in finances, career & wealth this year… expect returns to flow much more easily this year. But of course, if you go into the poverty stricken ‘woe is me’, well you will truly manifest that reality and have a most woeful year on record. You have the potential of the ‘midas touch’ this year, the world is your oyster should you choose believe in yourself.”

OM gosh, I can’t tell you how into the above I AM. I’m choosing to ‘flaunt it’, have an amplified ‘positive focus’, ‘believe in myself’ and ‘Midas touch’ to high heaven!

Appreciation and Gratitude for the Lessons of 2018

I’m super excited about this year as I feel like 2018 was better for me than the previous year where I dealt with a number of losses in my life and experienced emotional lows during the first quarter. But I also know that what ‘doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ 😉

I had three things that followed me like a black cloud that I’d persistently delayed because I was too scared to handle them and 2018 marked the COMPLETION of all three that revolved around: finances, relationships and business. YAY ME!!!!!

I ended 2018 by writing down what I appreciate from the lessons I’ve experienced along the way, not just in the past 12-months but in life. Here’s an insight:

I APPRECIATE and am GRATEFUL for the following lessons and experiences:

  • Weight challenges – without you, I would never have embarked on a spiritual journey. And to finally achieve my ‘ideal weight’ – it’s like I won the lotto!
  • $ challenges – as above, without you I would never have learned and grown. I now understand that finances = safety & security to me and that it’s an extension of what I perceive my worth to be. I’m so grateful for the beautiful ‘stuff’ and lifestyle I’ve manifested. But more importantly, the memories and experiences money has afforded me.
  • Relationships – thanks to all the men in my life who have allowed me to hone what I truly desire in a committed, divine, soul-mate.
  • Purpose fulfillment – as many of you know, my business IS my purpose. I can remember over 15 years a go driving to a job and being in tears of sadness and frustration thinking, “WHY am I still doing what I’m doing??? Why haven’t I written the books that are in me, done the keynote, mentored amazing people?” You’ve taught me perseverance, to trust in the process of life and to stop traumatizing myself with negative charges that  don’t serve me. I get there in the end, when I’m ready. Five books and 1000s of talks and coaching sessions later – I got there and will continue to expand my purposeful-passion.
  • Depression – you’ve taught me, OK forced me, to honor my emotions instead of pushing them away.
  • Love – for every time I haven’t been loved for who I am, it has taught me to love unconditionally, and I continue to express that expansiveness.
  • Sugar, you are the Devil’s substance – sugar inflames my body, puts me in a food coma and just doesn’t make me feel ‘well’. I now know that you’re not my friend. Eating you will not fill an emotional hole. And if I want something sweet, I’ve got a whole bunch of sugar-free treats in my baking repertoire.
  • Criticism – self-critisism: you’ve taught me to embrace self-love more-and-more. Critics: you’ve helped me to realize that I’m here doing the Universe’s work, and for the most part, I’m coming from a heart-centered place.  So, I’m not open to you projecting your insecurities, self-loathing and negativity onto me. I am only open to feedback from those I admire, respect and / or love. To all the critics, here’s a video message I made for you!

The above process allowed me to acknowledge and be grateful my journey. Without it, I would never have evolved into the person I am to today.

It also allowed me to free myself of past hurt, disappointment and sadness. Each and everyone of these challenges was a blessing and invitation to learn and grow.  For a few of the lessons that I repeated, well that was a simple case of ‘let go or be dragged’, as in the past I tended to hold onto things longer than I needed to.

I truly believe life is supposed to be fun and easy for the most part.

The Person I CHOOSE to BE in 2019 and Beyond

I realized last year that I was ‘playing small’, yes, believe it or not…

I feel like I’ve got sooooooo much more to contribute, and I was holding back. Part of my ‘good-bye and thank you’ 2018 ritual was acknowledging those reasons, appreciating that they served me back then, but I NOW CHOOSE a more FLOURISHING existence.

After I wrote my appreciation and gratitude list. I wrote what the best version of myself looks like and committed to playing in that zone.

Here’s a portion of what I wrote:


  • Body Confidence – people often think I’m a confident person. And in many ways I am, but for those of you who have followed my journey, I’ve never really felt comfortable in my skin. My weight has always challenged me, and even when I released it (I never say “lost” as I don’t want to “find” it again ;)), I’ve never felt body-confident. I know I’m ‘beautiful’ on the inside, but I also want to feel beautiful on the outside. This year, I’m going to take mental and physical steps to get that aligned.


  • Contribution – A week doesn’t go by without receiving beautiful words, emails and  texts from people who’ve said I’m a positive influence in their lives and I’ve “changed their life”. Firstly, I’m just a conduit and facilitator for change, truth and embracing limitless potential. THEY did all the work, I am just an honored witness and cheerleader to their journey.And here’s the thing. I can BE and DO so much more. Take whatever ‘magic’ you think I have and spread that fairy-dust to even more people who want to renew their mind, unlock their potential and upgrade their life.Plus, that’s my JOYFUL expression of my soul. I can’t imagine not doing it.So, this year I’m choosing to be even MORE service!


  • ALLOWING, ACCEPTING AND RECEIVING my Alchemic Manifestation – I know I’m a powerful co-creator, but in the past I haven’t fully allowed, accepted and received this abundance into my life. I tell clients that the Universe has so many gifts it wants to give us and we’re like fish looking for water. It’s everywhere, but we don’t fully let it in.I’ve reflected, and decided I’m just operating on old data, so this year I’m rebooting.


  • Meditation – UGH!! This is my new aversion, like gratitude was in the past. I ‘sort of’ meditate because I feel like I’m constantly connected and downloading insights all the time – that was my excuse.  But just like gratitude, meditation is persisting in being part of my daily practice. My aim is to do 20-minutes a day, but a minimum of 10 if I feel like I don’t have the time. But I must MAKE the time, because I’ve realized that meditation is my daily foundation and I’m going to choose to set that foundation with intent each and every day. And as with gratitude, I expect my world to change for the better.


  • Ditch doubt – for goodness sake, how much more evidence do I need that I can BE-DO-HAVE anything I choose to co-create. I’m going to redirect that wasted energy into fueling my desires.


  • Socialize – OK, when most people meet me they think I’m a Social Queen and I go to movie premieres every night LOL. But, those closest to me know that I’m a bit of a hermit.  I think it’s because I expend so much energy in my work that I revel in my quiet time. And then I go out and always enjoy it, so here’s to more fun!


  • Be more balanced – in the past I’ve tended to be an ‘all’ or ‘nothing’ type of gal. I now choose to be more balanced. I’ll continue to work through inspiration, but also, manage my energy better.


  • Revel in being a woman –  I love being a woman! And I’m going to continue on my journey of being more ‘in flow’ (feminine energy). Plus, I love all the beautiful things that come with being a woman.


  • Amplify my desired states – I now relish in feeling safe and secure, love, joy, abundance, peace and health.




What I’m Going to KEEP Doing

I always say, “do more of what works for you”. So here’s what I’m going to continue doing:

  • Treat friends like family – I am truly grateful to each and everyone of you and the gifts you bring. Some of you have literally saved my life – thank you!


  • Love my parents – it’s only my mom and I now as my dad passed away in October 2017. I will continue to love them in my own f@*ked up way 😉


  • Be authentic – in truth, I only know how to be me. Sure, different people may experience gradients of that, but my truth prevails.


  • Live whole-heartedly – I LOVE LOVE. And, I’m going to continue that. In the past I’ve allowed myself to be abandoned, dis-honored, hurt – basically I’ve had normal relationships.  I’m truly grateful to each and everyone of those men for the lessons they’ve taught me about what I do and don’t want in a partner.And I know I’ll find a beautiful soul-mate to share my life with, who supports me on all levels, is inspirational, loving, committed, available and passionate. BTW, thanks for all the marriage proposals this year, but unless you’ve cultivated a relationship with me beyond Facebook, I’ll have to decline.


  • Wear rose colored glasses – yes, I will continue to be annoyingly positive.


  • Allow myself moments of negativity – every so often those rose colored glasses have to come off, I’m human after-all, and it’s important I acknowledge the feelings that don’t always feel the best.


  • Love being of service – I can’t imagine any other way.


  • Surround myself with inspiring people – I had the honor of working with an AMAZING high-performance team in 2018 and I loved every minute I spent with them. Each and everyone of them was a gift to me, and I choose more of that. I also met new friends that totally inspire me and I “thank” them for coming into my life. And of course, “thank you” to my long-term inspirations!


  • Learn and grow – I’ll continue to study, heal and evolve.


  • Have a ‘good talk’ to myself – most people are experts at beating themselves up, but I decided to take a twist on that by saying things like, “You can do this. Put your big girl’s panties on, and get on with it. You’re only robbing yourself!” It worked!


  • Be grateful – OMgosh, I have soooooooo much to be grateful for, all of this list ++++++.


  • Cherish my fur-babies – they are delightful teachers of unconditional love and joy. Minka recently co-starred in a video talking about unconditional love. How friggin’ cute is that dog??!!!!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clfoVAJeMvk[/embedyt]

  • Do incremental changes that make monumental differences – everyday I write down 2-3 non-negotiable things I have to DO, and I don’t care if it’s 3am, they’re getting done. This has been a game-changer for me as it not only means I’m honoring and keeping promises to myself, but I also feel successful and fulfilled through the achievements it creates.


  • Bring my ‘best self’ to every situation and relationship – I choose to be present and honoring of the person in front of me.


  • Be selfish – yup, that’s what I said! I truly believe that in order for me to be the greatest gift to the world, I have to feel ‘full’ myself, otherwise, I have nothing to give, or I’m sharing a version of myself that’s not optimal and nobody wins.

My Invitation to You

As many of you know, I’m an Action Queen. So, I invite you to start your 2019 by joining me in the process I outlined above.

Step 1

  • Write down your life’s lessons.
  • Truly appreciate and be grateful for them as they’re the catalyst of your divine growth.
  • Let them go…they’re your past, and you are the co-creator of your present and future. You don’t need to keep struggling through the same drudgery time-and-time again.
  • Share.

Step 2

  • Decide who you’re going to BE from this point on-wards. Is it more clear, confident, focused, fulfilled, authentic, honoring, loving?
  • Think of yourself this day in 2020 and ask yourself, “What would I be disappointed in myself for not doing in a year’s time?”Now I could have framed that in a more positive way, but for some reason, most people tend to respond better to the stick than the carrot. So ask yourself that question and then DO it. So, this time next year, you’re celebrating that success!!

Step 3

Write, sing, play a theme song for yourself. Here’s mine, This is Me by Ke$ha, it’s even my ring tone! For we ARE GLORIOUS!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjxugyZCfuw[/embedyt]

Step 4

Share the love. Let me know in the comments below some of the things you’re going to stop, start and continue doing. It’s not much fun for me having a one way conversation 🙂

Happy New Year to you all. Wishing you an ABUNDANCE of all you DESIRE.




P.S. My toast to you on New Year’s Eve. Yes, I have a glass of champagne. Yes, I nursed it all night. And, YES, it will probably be the only drink I have all year as most of you know I’m not much of a ‘drinker’. I prefer water and diet soda (don’t even go there on the latter ;))


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