‘Fix’ vs ‘Flow’

As you know a big part of accessing your limitLESS™ potential is tapping into your Inner Guru which is connected to infinite Universal wisdom. The other day I was tuning in and had the most amazing realization about ‘fix’ vs ‘flow’ when it comes to obtaining our desires.

When we try to ‘fix’ something in our lives we are telling ourselves we are broken. As you know there is often a lot of resistance and the dance between the ‘wanted’ and ‘unwanted’ can be exhausting. Why not use this valuable energy to move yourself away from the unwanted and into the flow of what you desire and let the bounty flow to you and through you?

And it’s as easy as making a choice to be in flow instead of fighting against the debt, stress, weight, dis-ease etc and it can be done first in the mind and then in reality.

I was given the analogy of dreaming. We have spectacular dreams that make us feel amazing or other experiences where we wake up with a pounding heart, crying or sweating in fear, either way the ‘dream’ seemed ‘real’. So what would happen if we stop fixing things and just got in the flow of the states we desire and used this dream-like state to create it?

During the client session I recorded an audio to achieve exactly that.  It starts with you standing before a path, a path filled with your current existence, where you may have experienced ups and downs. Instead of trying to fix or rejuvenate that path the audio creates a new path of all the states many covet: unconditional love, peace, well-being, prosperity, safety, joy, trust and knowing. As you know when you anchor the states the Universe magnetizes more of the same, be it state or stuff. Watch the following movie to find out more about states and how the gap between ‘have’ and ‘have not’ inhibits your infinite potential.

Sometimes it’s easier to start afresh (get in flow) then renovate (fix).  If you choose the former just make sure you leave that stinkin’ thinking over on the old path as that’s what robbed you of joy in the first place.

During this 25-minute process you acknowledge and are thankful for all the experiences you’ve created to date and you release them with gratitude. You then refocus all your energies onto a fresh, clean slate where you choose nourishing and joyful ways of operating. We call in Universal energies to co-create this with the aim of you feeling supported, nourished and loved.


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