I Look Forward to Co-Creating Epic Client Experiences

Success Set-up

This resource streamlines admin and on-boarding enabling me to focus on engaging our client and  delivering excellence

Please email for additional information you may need

HR Set-up

Please connect me with your HR representative and I will provide:

Smartphone and laptop.


Tech Set-up

I’m a MacBookPro and iOS user, please provide:


Provide links to current templates you’d prefer me to use in alignment with deliverables

Collaboration Space

Add me to your space e.g. Teams Channel

Ways of Working

Provide the following so that I can align with your ways of working:

Time Sheet & Payment Schedules

If applicable, provide:

Process to success concept


Please share the following project process outputs where possible as it informs my foundational engagement brief:


In most cases we would have collaborated on the solution, where possible, please share the initiative’s final:

This ensures:

The above information also allows me to check-in and/or communicate out-of-scope client requests to the Program Director/Project Manager Budget which can be billed as a project change request (PCR) or an opportunity to offer additional value through a new implementation

Client Insights

Retrospective data and / or your Team’s perception of what:

Client Tenant Set-up

As part of Discovery I will request client artefacts such as mission, strategy, values, employee engagement survey (EES) data etc which will be integrated into transformation tactics.

To enable this, clients often provide access to their tenant, please facilitate this set-up very early in the engagement to avoid delivery delays