TIPS: Working from Home (WFH) Wellness, Connection & Personal Branding Over Video Conference

Working from home used to be so much fun – when you had the choice…not because you have to.

I don’t know about you, but everything feels very surreal. Like nothing I’ve experienced in my lifetime. The energy around COVID-19 feels understandably fearful and greedy, and if we don’t manage ourselves, it will be destructive personally and globally.

It’s time for ultimate self-care to ensure mind, body, and spirit health so that we can support ourselves and those around you.

Following are two simple, practical videos to get us back to basics. In all the uncertainty, we seem to forgotten our foundations.

And check out the end of this post (or click the following links) for my Reality Alchemist Podcast Episode #6 – From Chaos to Calm – Thriving in Uncertain Times and MINDFULNESS AUDIO – ‘I AM’ & Coming Home: Energy Expression & Consolidation. 

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Wellness Practices So Obvious, Yet We're Not Doing Them

It’s time for ultimate self-care. Yet, all I hear from clients is that they feel tired, sore, achy, overwhelmed, and for some reason have forgotten their wellness routines.

This video offers five reminders – be kind to yourself.


One of the tips in the above video is to stretch often. Here are two of my favorite videos to do that to. Otherwise, I just get on my yoga mat and do what my body tells me to do 🐌. And I realized that:

"My life is as limber as my body is. Invest time in S-T-R-E-T-C-H-ing"

Connecting Over Video Conference

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The number of times I’ve run and/or attended video conference sessions that have started late because of the technology. Now that we’re WFH, we don’t have the corporate tech power behind us, such as it was, which makes it even more challenging to truly connect.

We can’t see people’s faces and can hardly hear them at times. They’re often multi-tasking, on their computers and doing other work.

Personally, I’ve done keynotes with hundreds in remote audiences, ran training sessions to teams all over the worlds and quite honestly, I don’t feel a separation because I’m not in their location.

Believe it or not, social media, has caused a disconnection, and what we’re experiencing now has taken it to a whole other level. We’re not sure how long this situation will go on for,  and I feel like its really important we amplify relationships.

In this video I give you three tips to:

    1. Support your personal brand; you have one, it’s either intentional or unintentional, you choose. And hopefully during this time your ‘brand’ is infused with kindness, support and encouragement.
    2. Give your home tech a fighting chance, including managing noise, and
    3. Avoid embarrassing desktop notifications, you may not want to share onscreen 😉. Here are the Mac and PC resources I mentioned in the video to turn off notifications. And this app works on both operating systems.

Podcast & Mindfulness Practice

🎧 From Chaos to Calm – Thriving in Uncertain Times

How do we stay calm in the chaos of life & COVID-19? This episode offers tips & practices to help you chill-ax no matter what the situation. Click here to listen.

🧘 MINDFULNESS AUDIO – ‘I AM’ & Coming Home Energy Expression & Consolidation

State who you really are with this I AM process partnered with the opportunity to bring your energy back into wholeness. Click cover to access.

🏘️ And for a bit of fun…

If you haven’t seen this parody on video conferencing and emails in ‘real life’ by Tripp and Tyler, it’s worth a watch as it made me literally laugh out loud as it’s so accurate.

🏘️ Have WFH suggestions?

Please include them in my video’s comments on YouTube so I can add them to this Post and share your value.

Incorporating Mindfulness at Work

We live in a fast-paced work environment that is digitally enabled, and many of the things that are SUPPOSED to simplify our lives actually leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Discover the secrets to achieving a more balanced state at work – everyone from Oprah to Google employees are doing it! In fact, Oprah claims it makes her 1000% better.

It’s mindfulness!

So, what exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a state of active attention on what you’re sensing and feeling, right here, right now, without interpretation or judgment.

You may not be overly familiar with the concept of mindfulness, but I can guarantee you’re well acquainted with its flip side: distractedness, inattention, and lack of engagement.


15-Minutes to Ground Your Success

The aim of this 15-minute relaxation audio is to relieve your mind of busy-ness, reconnect with Quantum energy and access inspiration that fuels your happiness and potential.
Those listening to this audio found their ‘monkey mind’, the chatter that clutters their brain, was reduced by 60%. The number increased to 80% if they listened 3 to 4 times a week.

The technique I’m gifting you can be practiced anywhere, anytime. But because mindfulness is about being present, let’s do a short practice now.

  • – Take a deep breath in with me, close your eyes if you safely can, and in this very moment, what are you sensing and feeling?
  • – What do you feel on your skin?
  • – What’s your mood like?
  • – Is your breathing shallow and quick or relaxed?
  • – Are you feeling; overwhelmed, peaceful, tired, happy?
  • – What can you hear nearby and outside?
  • – Take a deep breath in, can you smell anything?
  • – Now, open your eyes.

Welcome to conscious mindfulness. It’s the opposite of what we experience each day.

Why is being present so overwhelming, and what’s with the ‘monkey mind’?

According to neuroscience, the scientific study of our nervous system, our brain is not only in charge of managing our physicality, such as breathing, muscle movement, heart pumping…it’s also processing 400 billion bits of information per minute. Of which we can only process 2000 bits.

No wonder I can’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday!!

And we’re only consciously aware of about .00001 percent, less than one-ten-thousandth of what’s available to use – otherwise we’d be so overloaded that we literally could not compute.

The benefit of mindfulness is that it allows us to zone into the succulence of life, literally, to “stop and smell the roses”

The practice isn’t just some “ohhhhmmm” chanting that should be relegated to Buddhist monks. We spend, on average, 90,000 hours of our life at work! So, the benefits of incorporating this habit into our work life to reduce stress and heighten satisfaction, offers amazing benefits!

Google ran a ‘search inside yourself’ mindfulness program with over 13,000 participants who reported:

  • – 34 percent less emotional drain after the program.
  • – 32 percent greater ability to focus and be more effective.
  • – 29 percent improvement in their ability to maintain calm and poise during challenges.
  • – Productivity increases of 62 minutes per week, adding up to USD$3000 per employee, per annum.

Their experience isn’t isolated, with a number of companies experiencing the same benefits when it comes to stress management, engagement, focus and productivity. If you’d like to discover how introduce a mindfulness practice into your team or company reach out to me via my website or social media.

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