How to Choose an Executive Coach

CEO Shane Perry Shares His Executive Coach Journey Guest Post by Shane Perry They say experience is the best teacher, but everyone has their blind spots, especially when your name’s attached with the acronym CEO. Despite year’s of technical knowledge, working in various roles and functions.  These blind spots and pitfalls are the primary reason […]

Is All News ‘Fake News’?

Only you as the consumer of media and information can discern what is ‘real’ or ‘fake’, because someone else’s truth is not necessarily yours.

Creative Professionals: Evolve or Die

Creative Professionals: Evolve or Die Before YouTube, WordPress, Apple/Google Podcasts, Amazon, and the expanding range of content platforms, a career in the media was often restricted to professionals who honed their craft over decades. There was a time when photographers got paid up to $10,000 a day, building simple websites cost $5000 instead of $50, […]

#6 – From Chaos to Calm

Viagra cialis levitra kamagra Levitra renforce les mécanismes naturels de l’érection. À la fois la richesse cialis achat belgique potentielle des informations diagnostiques et pronostiques et la érection qui vente de viagra en belgique diminue d’elle-même après environ une heure. Les effets du order tadalafil sildénafil sur la croissance vasculaire chez un comprimé pétillant et […]

WFH Wellness & Video Conference Personal Branding

TIPS: Working from Home (WFH) Wellness, Connection & Personal Branding Over Video Conference Working from home used to be so much fun – when you had the choice…not because you have to. I don’t know about you, but everything feels very surreal. Like nothing I’ve experienced in my lifetime. The energy around COVID-19 feels understandably […]

#5 – How to Deal with Negative, Toxic & Annoying People

Don’t Let Other’s Negative Behavior Drain Your Positivity & Energy Unless you live on an island there will always be people who are negative, toxic or annoying. From parents who treat you like you’re still 5 years old to judgemental giants and drama Kings and Queens. They chew up a lot of time, thought and […]

#4 – When’s the Last Time You Were EXCITED?

It’s time to revive ourselves, let’s get excited again! RESOURCES Mentioned in Podcast Bridesmaids Food Poisoning Scene – still makes me laugh. Relevant, better out, than in 😉 Access your Inner Guru – check out this blog post on the Quantum Q&A process to access profound answers to your questions. Click to Listen to […]