Transform Minds to Transform Your Organization & Beyond

Implement and infuse positive, engaging change strategies that heighten delivery, the customer experience, and avoid change fatigue

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Our benefits

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Dr Madisen Harper to Lead Transformation

Traditional organizational and individual change and transformation strategies are becoming less-and-less potent. They cost more than time, money, and resources. They also deplete trust, engagement, morale, momentum, and delivery.

Specialist humancentric experience is required to design and develop transformation, capability, and growth, initiatives that address individual needs and create a positive ripple effect.

Madisen decodes the complex human spirit through behavioural and success psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics and provides a spirited strategy to shift lives, shape cultures, and deliver optimum outcomes.

The ability to shift mindsets and behaviors is the #1 transformation roadblock. 

If you don’t inspire change in individuals, then you erode transformation success. Along with adverse impacts on profitability, speed to market, and innovation.

Traditional change models focus on people, process, and technology.

Madisen’s decades of global strategy, business, change, project, marketing, and industry experience led her to discover the ONLY driver of success is…PEOPLE, and that’s her primary focus. Process and technology are delivery vehicles fueled by individuals.

Her scaleable Inversion framework is designed to capture hearts and minds for inspired change.

Culture can no longer be viewed through a collective lens and managed en masse.

In collaboration, she reviews people and culture data, combines it with world-class knowledge, and develops a bespoke Human Experience strategy that addresses an organization’s current and evolving needs.

Enriching organizational culture where people are fulfilled and flourish, businesses prosper, and the world thrives. Cultivating a cultural pulse of high-performance.