LEADERSHIP – Safety & Sacrifice: Heart-Centered Leaders Create Remarkable Results by Setting the Tone

I was speaking to a friend the other day, who commented that one of his clients was an exceptional leader and person.

When I asked why he thought that was. He didn't say, “He's great at driving project outcomes” or “He's strategically strong.”

My friend said, “He's full.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“It's as you inspire people to be. He's full of love. He's clear on who he is, authentic and takes a heart-centered approach to business”. My friend responded.

His client wasn't a pushover by any means. He's respected and successful, and the epitome of why I'm excited by my work.

When I coach people on their professional and personal goals, it's a very bespoke process. After all, we all have unique drives and desires.

But I do encourage everyone to have a common overarching professional focus, and that's to:

"Create an authentic, positive, inspiring, fulfilling existence within yourself first. Then your team, company, customer experience, and the world around you is organically taken care of."

THAT'S why I'm so passionate about creating personal clarity, confidence, and courage. Because if you don't know who you are, then you're experiencing and emanating a mal-intentioned muddiness of negative emotional contagion.

Where you feel dense, unfulfilled, and lack vibrancy. 

That's why I love this video by Simon Sinek on Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.

In a world of rampant change, especially in organization transformations, cultivating safety, security, and trust, is essential. And, as a by-product, ramps up success.

Simon talks about Leaders:

  • providing an environment that promotes self-confidence through safety
  • who sacrifice their people for ‘numbers'
  • who have ‘authority', but we don't want to follow them
  • who go first, and sacrifice themselves, instead of their people, which creates immense trust, loyalty, and followership.


I’m an ever-evolving work in progress. I let curiosity, questions, and passion lead me on the scavenger hunt of life.

I realized a long time ago that there is no perfect time to take action to experience what I crave. But there are millions of aligned moments that make now the right time to feel gratitude for the existing expression of those desires.

I’m currently working on bringing more softness into my life. Focus on being, and only doing through inspiration.  I’ll admit it’s a challenge to give up my do-aholic addiction as there’s a part of me that fears I’ll get stuck. 

But what I’m learning is life is a lot easier, congruent, and flowing when I surrender to the living whole-heartedly instead of being bullied by my mind.

My desire it to revel in life and experience moments (or even a lifetime) of love, awe, joy, fulfilment, and peace. And, that is what my purposeful work focuses on, that expression within myself, and to invite you to clarify and revel in your own desires.

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