Happy 2019!!!!

Happy 2019!

I wanted to start the year of by sharing the end of year and new year ritual I did.

But for those of you are interested in numerology, it’s a ‘3′ year. which embodies joy, creativity, communication, emotional sensitivity, expression and socializing.  So basically we get to have a lot of expression where we are whole-heartedly passion driven, more in free-spirited flow and inject this into every part of our lives.  Sounds like a whole lot of f-u-n to me!

My birth year is also a ‘3’, so I’m excited to really amplify my natural state and I’m currently in an 8 year:

“In an 8 Personal year everything appears to be magnified… thus what you focus your attention on this year you will receive more of. In an 8 Personal Year you will tend to have that certain je ne sais quoi, that intangible quality that makes you desirable and attractive to others… it is up to you whether you flaunt it or stick you head in the sand and hide it ! When you focus positively on abundance in finances, career & wealth this year… expect returns to flow much more easily this year. But of course, if you go into the poverty stricken ‘woe is me’, well you will truly manifest that reality and have a most woeful year on record. You have the potential of the ‘midas touch’ this year, the world is your oyster should you choose believe in yourself.”

OM gosh, I can’t tell you how into the above I AM. I’m choosing to ‘flaunt it’, have an amplified ‘positive focus’, ‘believe in myself’ and ‘Midas touch’ to high heaven!

Appreciation and Gratitude for the Lessons of 2018

I’m super excited about this year as I feel like 2018 was better for me than the previous year where I dealt with a number of losses in my life and experienced emotional lows during the first quarter. But I also know that what ‘doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ 😉

I had three things that followed me like a black cloud that I’d persistently delayed because I was too scared to handle them and 2018 marked the COMPLETION of all three that revolved around: finances, relationships and business. YAY ME!!!!!

I ended 2018 by writing down what I appreciate from the lessons I’ve experienced along the way, not just in the past 12-months but in life. Here’s an insight:

I APPRECIATE and am GRATEFUL for the following lessons and experiences:

  • Weight challenges – without you, I would never have embarked on a spiritual journey. And to finally achieve my ‘ideal weight’ – it’s like I won the lotto!
  • $ challenges – as above, without you I would never have learned and grown. I now understand that finances = safety & security to me and that it’s an extension of what I perceive my worth to be. I’m so grateful for the beautiful ‘stuff’ and lifestyle I’ve manifested. But more importantly, the memories and experiences money has afforded me.
  • Relationships – thanks to all the men in my life who have allowed me to hone what I truly desire in a committed, divine, soul-mate.
  • Purpose fulfillment – as many of you know, my business IS my purpose. I can remember over 15 years a go driving to a job and being in tears of sadness and frustration thinking, “WHY am I still doing what I’m doing??? Why haven’t I written the books that are in me, done the keynote, mentored amazing people?” You’ve taught me perseverance, to trust in the process of life and to stop traumatizing myself with negative charges that  don’t serve me. I get there in the end, when I’m ready. Five books and 1000s of talks and coaching sessions later – I got there and will continue to expand my purposeful-passion.
  • Depression – you’ve taught me, OK forced me, to honor my emotions instead of pushing them away.
  • Love – for every time I haven’t been loved for who I am, it has taught me to love unconditionally, and I continue to express that expansiveness.
  • Sugar, you are the Devil’s substance – sugar inflames my body, puts me in a food coma and just doesn’t make me feel ‘well’. I now know that you’re not my friend. Eating you will not fill an emotional hole. And if I want something sweet, I’ve got a whole bunch of sugar-free treats in my baking repertoire.
  • Criticism – self-critisism: you’ve taught me to embrace self-love more-and-more. Critics: you’ve helped me to realize that I’m here doing the Universe’s work, and for the most part, I’m coming from a heart-centered place.  So, I’m not open to you projecting your insecurities, self-loathing and negativity onto me. I am only open to feedback from those I admire, respect and / or love. To all the critics, here’s a video message I made for you!

The above process allowed me to acknowledge and be grateful my journey. Without it, I would never have evolved into the person I am to today.

It also allowed me to free myself of past hurt, disappointment and sadness. Each and everyone of these challenges was a blessing and invitation to learn and grow.  For a few of the lessons that I repeated, well that was a simple case of ‘let go or be dragged’, as in the past I tended to hold onto things longer than I needed to.

I truly believe life is supposed to be fun and easy for the most part.

The Person I CHOOSE to BE in 2019 and Beyond

I realized last year that I was ‘playing small’, yes, believe it or not…

I feel like I’ve got sooooooo much more to contribute, and I was holding back. Part of my ‘good-bye and thank you’ 2018 ritual was acknowledging those reasons, appreciating that they served me back then, but I NOW CHOOSE a more FLOURISHING existence.

After I wrote my appreciation and gratitude list. I wrote what the best version of myself looks like and committed to playing in that zone.

Here’s a portion of what I wrote:


  • Body Confidence – people often think I’m a confident person. And in many ways I am, but for those of you who have followed my journey, I’ve never really felt comfortable in my skin. My weight has always challenged me, and even when I released it (I never say “lost” as I don’t want to “find” it again ;)), I’ve never felt body-confident. I know I’m ‘beautiful’ on the inside, but I also want to feel beautiful on the outside. This year, I’m going to take mental and physical steps to get that aligned.


  • Contribution – A week doesn’t go by without receiving beautiful words, emails and  texts from people who’ve said I’m a positive influence in their lives and I’ve R