Visualization vs Actualization – Are You Anchoring or Sabotaging Your Success?

Talk about a match made in heaven when Shannon Bush and I connected. She’s the publisher of Limitlessly YOU! Magazine and host of Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life Radio Show. Click on the links below to gain access to my article, Visualization vs Actualization – Are You Anchoring or Sabotaging Your Success?, and listen in on my chat with Shannon

Radio Interview

I share an abundance of tools, tips and techniques to help you shift through barriers to success and tap into your Inner Guru and wisdom with ease. You’ll also hear what I have to say about why our massive investment of more than $12 billion in the self-help industry continues to leave you wondering why they latest must have program, tool or technique haven’t been working for you!

Magazine Article


I’m an ever-evolving work in progress. I let curiosity, questions, and passion lead me on the scavenger hunt of life.

I realized a long time ago that there is no perfect time to take action to experience what I crave. But there are millions of aligned moments that make now the right time to feel gratitude for the existing expression of those desires.

I’m currently working on bringing more softness into my life. Focus on being, and only doing through inspiration.  I’ll admit it’s a challenge to give up my do-aholic addiction as there’s a part of me that fears I’ll get stuck. 

But what I’m learning is life is a lot easier, congruent, and flowing when I surrender to the living whole-heartedly instead of being bullied by my mind.

My desire it to revel in life and experience moments (or even a lifetime) of love, awe, joy, fulfilment, and peace. And, that is what my purposeful work focuses on, that expression within myself, and to invite you to clarify and revel in your own desires.

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