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Earn more money, fast-track your
executive career & get paid to be in charge

Even with no Experience, You can become a manager with these PROVEN strategies!

Dear Aspiring Manager!

If you’re like most eager employees aiming for a career as a supervisor, team leader or manager, you probably have plenty of ambition but few strategies to take you to the next level and become a manager.

Time after time talented people like you miss out on promotions because they assume all they have to offer is the work experience they’ve gained so far … and that’s 97% WRONG.

It’s often not the amount of experience getting in your way but simply a lack of planned preparation and self-promotion to proactively take advantage of advancement opportunities.

In order to pursue a career in management you need a formulated success strategy that can skyrocket you from being an employee to an executive.

People like YOU have started from scratch, made the right moves and now generate incredible six-figure incomes!


7 Crucial Facts

to ensure difficult & negative colleagues don’t stress you out or affect your success as a manager.

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First Name

My name is Madisen Harper and for almost 20 years I’ve mentored, coached and taught 1000s of professionals just like you, with no management or supervisory experience, how to become a manager, earn $10,000’s in pay rises and benefits and move up the corporate ladder.

I was a Marketing Manager from the age of 23 at an international publishing company and when I got my promotion I added $35,800 to my salary and a COMPANY CAR – AND I had NO previous management experience!

The #1 question friends and colleagues asked me about my job was how I became a manager at such a young age.

Upon reflection, I realized it was easy … I created an action plan and followed it!

It was as simple as showcasing my talents, lifting my profile, valuing my contribution, having a high work ethic and giving a killer interview when opportunities arose. When I shared what I was doing with others, they took the same steps and experienced the same stratospheric success.

Not once was my promotion success inhibited because of my age or level of experience – in fact, I created a situation where employers felt lucky to have me!

My personal success, combined with my background in business consulting, psychology, organizational behavior and change management along with my position at a Leading Management Institute has armed me with the insider’s secrets to becoming a new manager, supervisor or team leader.

My career building advice has also been quoted worldwide on hundreds of websites and in mainstream media, including: The Sunday Mail, The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, Woman’s Day, LA Times, A Current Affair, The Courier Mail and Dallas Times.

“It just doesn’t seem fair”

Previously motivated people were becoming discouraged

Time-after-time aspiring managers were missing out on promotions and losing their confidence and excitement about climbing the corporate ladder.

Unfortunately, they repeated the same behavior over and over again and received the same disappointing results.

Their continued failure was a result of:

  • Not being given honest feedback on why they weren’t being promoted.
  • A lack of preparation and no solid plan for a new career in management, and
  • Believing they just had to be good at their job and they’d get noticed.
Suddenly it hit me – there were hundreds of young, capable, ambitious professionals who wanted to get their career happening sooner rather than later. They just weren’t sure what to do to get going and fast-track their success.

I knew my step-by-step solution could overcome these career crippling mistakes and help just about anyone get noticed for their management potential.

So I decided to make it available to others who were keen to jump start their career so as many people as possible could move up the corporate ladder.

My clients were relieved and thankful they discovered the tactics to take the massive leap from a ‘job’ to a ‘career’and obliterate their competition by using the secrets you’re about to learn today.

They have successfully used my proven techniques over and over and over again to achieve six-figure incomes and skyrocket their way into Senior Management positions.

This is the ONLY resource of its kind! There are dozens of books for new managers but not one comprehensive title that provides practical advice for first time manager / team leader or supervisor promotion.

As Seen In:


They Were Scared for THEIR Jobs!

After being stuck in the same low level,
low pay and high boredom job for 5 years
I decided to highlight my skills at Project Team meetings using your ‘Showcasing
You!’ strategy.

After a particularly successful presentation
a good friend and colleague told me a guy
on the Steering Committee said if they
didn’t watch out, I’d be stealing their jobs before they knew it!

One of the Executive Managers was so impressed with the initiative I’d shown to
date, and my innovative suggestions for
the future, she asked me to join her team as an Assistant Manager – not only did
they give me a shiny new title, but they
also adopted the strategies I presented
and my pay package went up by 40%!!!

Thanks – I couldn’t have done it without you

Amanda L, Marketing Manager
Sydney, Australia



I Spent Over $30,000 to Learn & Develop Proven Strategies to Become a Manager

Don’t lose THOUSANDS of DOLLARSin pay rises by missing opportunity
after opportunity to progress and excel.

You can also save THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on training by taking advantage of the knowledge I’ve acquired from dozens of professional courses – I’ve spent over $30,000 on gaining management, business and strategy expertise and that figure doesn’t include the expenditure on my 3 qualifications.

It’s not hard to rack up that kind of expense when you consider that the average entry level manager course starts at $1500!! Do you have the money to pay for that training out of your own pocket?

Instead of investing the money in management education focus your efforts on getting your first executive job … after that, your company is more than happy to pay for your up-skilling!

PLUS, I’ve made it easy; I’ve uncovered the answers and done the groundwork for you!

And as a result, you’re about to learn 7 simple, but proven, techniques you can use right away to embark on your journey towards becoming a SUCCESSFUL MANAGER, team leader or supervisor!

But that’s not all…

… This career catapulting resource ALSO answers your every question, doubt, concern, or need about the right way to get your foot on the first rung of the corporate success ladder (and if your answer isn’t there, you can email me and I’ll personally respond to you – that’s how committed I am to your success!).

You’ll discover everything you need to know about becoming a manager as quickly and easily as possible …

  • Discover the Roles and Responsibilities of a Manager So You Can Develop the Skills to do the Job
  • Develop Management Skills in Your Current Job to Get Noticed Sooner
  • Showcase Your Abilities and Build Your Resume So You Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Learn Killer Tips and Scripts to Slay them at the Interview and Become the Only Candidate they want to Hire
  • Create a Winning First Week in Your New Position

I Blew Them Away at the Interview

Thanks to your script I was totally at ease during the interview for my first management position.

When they expressed their concern regarding my lack of experience in team supervision I had the perfect response to overcome their doubts. They said my responses were more comprehensive and thoughtful than candidates who’d been in management for years!

By following your advice I got the promotion, a £8,000 pay increase and I’m on my way to the top!

Danny J, Publications Manager
Islington, London

This Resource is Priceless as it
Saves You Time by Fast-tracking your Career and
Earns You Thousands in Pay Rises and Benefits!!!

  • There are dozens of books with advice for ‘new managers’ and 100s on the topic of ‘management’, but there’s not one title that provides strategies on HOW to get your FIRST management, team leader or supervisor role. This is it!!
  • My clients pay me over $400 per hour for career coaching. You’re getting access to my career advice for a fraction of the price.
  • This eBook is the closest thing to working in a one-on-one coaching session with me. It’s an interactive resource which guides you through step-by-step exercises to create customized career solutions to take you to the next level.
  • This is not a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach – the practical exercises focus on your career, your skills and your career development.

This truly is one-of-a-kind information
that will skyrocket your management career!

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So if you’ve got $47 and the time it takes to read practical, cut to the chase, no-filler information, you’ll have the tools you need to proactively grab hold of that coveted executive position. There are no other books currently offering this valuable advice.

PLUS you get $101 worth of bonuses that will help boost your self-esteem, unleash the potential of brainstorming and use the principles taught in the hugely popular DVD, “The Secret”.

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Build Self Esteem in Days: Discover How To Build & Improve Your Self Esteem! VALUED AT $27

There may be a part of you that doesn’t believe you’re capable of being a manager, if that’s the case, you’re unlikely to find yourself next in line for a promotion. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, than neither will others in your organization!

Quite simply you’ll stay stuck in your dead end job until you can prove you’re capable, confident and raring to go.

Good managers have a sense of pride in their beliefs, actions and work, this eBook explores all areas of self-esteem by:

  • discovering if you have low self-esteem and offering solutions to overcome it
  • learning to combat a negative inner voice and employ positive self-talk to banish thoughts that don’t serve you
  • using positive affirmations to refocus your thoughts on what you want, instead of what you don’t want, and
  • getting support from others: collaboration is a greater strategy than competition!

Who would YOU rather have as a manager?

Someone who is unsure and unclear on their department’s focus or a leader, who has high self-esteem, can get on with the job, create a clear direction for the team, confidently deal with others and get results?

The person you pick is the same type of person organizations want in their management team.

Brainstorming: The Dynamic New Way to Create Successful Ideas. VALUED AT $37

Brainstorming is an activity that can solve problems, amass information, stimulate creative thinking and develop new ideas through unrestrained and spontaneous discussions. Million dollar ideas can be born from brainstorming sessions.

Being a manager is not about making all the decisions, in fact, managers who aren’t open to ideas and suggestions from their team often find they have very high staff turnover.

In this 230 page eBook you will:

  • learn how to enrich people’s lives and stimulate them to cultivate their creative talents and make them feel valued as a team member
  • understand that creative ability includes the tendency to experiment with novel ideas that might be unsound
  • answer the question, “must judgment be developed at the expense of imagination?”
  • discover how never being satisfied with things as they are can be a positive if you are seeking ways to make and do things better
  • be awed by the power of imagination
“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.”Napoleon Hill

Advanced Attraction: Utilising The Laws of Attraction. VALUED AT $37

You get what you focus on in life and this is your guide to attracting health, wealth and happiness.

Use this wisdom and profit from it!

The bestselling movie, ‘The Secret’ featured the powerful Laws of Attraction. By understanding these laws you can make them work for you and manifest anything you desire into your life – in fact it’s your destiny to do so.

It’s time to unlock your hidden potential – use these principles to attract your management, team leader or supervisor role or anything else you want!

In this information packed step-by-step guide you will uncover:

  • your unlimited wealth and abundance potential
  • the history and science of the Law of Attraction
  • the methods of using the Law of Attraction
  • your wand of life and find out how to use it

You can’t lose with my 97%, ironclad, 90-day money back guarantee!

If you’re still not 97% sure that these 7 strategies to becoming a manager are exactly what you need to jumpstart your career, let me put you completely at ease with
my unconditional guarantee

If you take this first step and claim your eBook copy of “7 Super Success Strategies to Become a Manager” but can’t immediately put the strategies to use, just let me know.

I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund … even if it’s 90 days from when you purchased and I’ll even let you keep the $101 of bonuses as my thanks for giving my techniques a try…

It’s that simple and I’m that confident!

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eBook : Build Self Esteem in Days: Discover How To Build & Improve Your Self Esteem! VALUED AT $27
eBook : Advanced Attraction: Utilising The Laws of Attraction. VALUED AT $37
eBook : Brainstorming: The Dynamic New Way to Create Successful Ideas. VALUED AT $37
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Thousands of people have proven the success of my management promotion strategies…

…time after time and moved from having a ‘job’ into a ‘career’. They’ve earned $10,000s in pay rises and benefits, gained challenging and fulfilling roles and consistently climbed the corporate ladder.

If they can do it, I’m positive you can also achieve the same career catapulting results!!!

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You will be downloading and reading the eBook and incredible bonuses within a few minutes … and using them to create your very own management career strategy!

To your success,