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Business Consulting for Individuals that Need a Boost

Why Employee Retention is a #1 Priority

Organizations who believe they can’t afford an employee retention strategy to keep their teams happy, can’t afford not to have one. Research indicates it costs up to 250% of a valuable employee’s salary to replace them, this includes recruitment, training and specialist knowledge

Although most organizations nominate ‘communication’ as their primary retention strategy people continue to walk out the door and that’s when Madisen Harper and her entertaining brand of straight talk walk in. If you’d like a company filled with limitLESS® Advocates you’ll experience:

  • 100% accountability
  • the courage to work with all counterparts of the soul: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical so individuals, teams, organizations, communities and the world flourishes
  • the drive to work with a higher purpose

Madisen introduces her proven framework to achieve outstanding results. Remember, a happy, purpose driven employee is your greatest asset.


limitLESS® Model

There are three key pillars to the living a limitLESS® life:

 limitLESS Framework

  • Building a strong and stable FOUNDATION to launch your limitLESS® life.
  • Connecting with and trusting your Inner Guru and having the FAITH in yourself to know that you have all the answers within you.
  • Practicing and immersing yourself in the first two pillars to FLOURISH in self, health and wealth.

limitLESS® 10 Energy Excelerators

Your success is linked to the Law of Attraction which has an energetic focus of like attracts like.  Your ability to manipulate this energy is how you manifest your desires. limitLESS® leverages this process with ten energy concepts that not only accelerate progress but allows you to excel.

 The ten-point framework comprises of the following ‘Energy Excelerators’:

  1. Knowledge Audit – How do you know what you know? Use this as a baseline to access infinite wisdom.
  2. Clear, Calm, and Connected – Create the space to access inspiration that fuels your limitLESS® potential.
  3. Four Energy Systems – Nourish and balance these systems for well-being and success.
  4. Value of Values – Identify, prioritize, and apply your values to make better decisions, navigate your life, and enhance happiness.
  5. Life Pillars – Assess your happiness quotient in areas of your life and pick an area to improve that will create the most joy.
  6. Aware, Acknowledge, Awake – Overcome roadblocks once and for all.
  7. States that Satiate and Cultivate Gratitude – You don’t want the stuff; what you really want is the state it represents. Discover what that is and find opportunities to be grateful for where this exists in your day-to-day.
  8. Guideways – Use these tools to guide and navigate you towards your limitLESS® life.
  9. Inner Guru – Access answers and inspiration from infinite Universal wisdom.
  10. limitLESS® Blueprint – Actions to keep you on track
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