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Movie On Watching Your Words and the Power of Forgiveness

by Madisen Harper


‘A Thousand Words’ starring Eddie Murphy is entertainment with a message on how our words affect the world and the power of forgiveness. The movie reminds me a bit of Jim Carrey’s ‘Liar Liar’ where both Murphy and Carrey are taught how words should not be used to manipulate, lie or harm.

Murphy plays a fast-talking literary agent who doesn’t read his client’s book, chases people who can make him the most money regardless of their message and is ignorant to how his actions are quashing the dreams of his wife, child, assistant and even the valet who parks his car who hopes to publish his manuscript.

The agent is keen to publish the book of a world renowned guru and convinces the guru he is in love with his teachings when in reality all Murphy is in love with is the potential book sales to the guru’s millions of followers.

After meeting the guru a Bodhi tree suddenly appears in Murphy’s backyard and each time he speaks a word a leaf falls. There are about a 1000 leaves and once they’re gone, well, he’s gone.

He tries to act like an angel to redeem himself but takes action out of desperation. It’s only when he acts from the heart and taps into forgiving his father that things begin to shift.

Sure the movie is amusing but the underlying theme encourages us to measure our thoughts and what we say so that what comes out of our mouth is meaningful, supportive and uplifting.

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