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Sharing Personal Development Advice and limitLESS® Life Inspiration Madisen is a motivational and inspirational expert committed to expanding the potential of individuals, communities and the world.


If people take active steps to feel better about themselves, it will help them in the long run.
We need to take responsibility for how we feel; we have to stop blaming our boss and the guy in the next cubicle for our situation.
People just want to be recognised.
Most people struggle to achieve success in their work lives because they don’t think they’re worthy of success.
I’ve been lucky to achieve a lot in my life. But probably my biggest hurdle was to change a life I had known for over ten years, which was leaving a secure job and starting my own business, with limited funds and no income. I changed my whole mindset; I had to leave a job to take a chance on my dreams.

I received a lot of positive feedback from women who visited my website and subscribed to my newsletter who told me they’d found a place they could be comfortable and themselves.
Success will come, in my case, by making people feel good about themselves.
A friend once said, “People don’t leave their work, they leave the people they work with.” Personality dynamics have a great influence on workplace satisfaction.
What about those in frontline positions who may frequently deal with unreasonable people, you’ve got to ask, “How does this affect me psychologically and how can I avoid getting fired when protecting myself against clients I really want to tell to take a hike?”
It’s actually about hearing what women want and need as well as communicating. We want to hear about their inspirations, what they’ve achieved just to prove we can achieve anything no matter what size, shape or what we look like.
I read that 85% of Australians support entrepreneurs. But, a similar percentage believes that we all should earn the same amount of money! We have to ask ourselves, “Are we a nation of knockers?”
Let’s say you work an average of 40 hours a week and you started work when you were 20 years old and retired at 65. You’re also a good sleeper and get a good eight hours a night. That’s 93 600 hours of your life or a solid 10 years devoted to work. If you consider that you spend another huge chunk of your life sleeping, work is a big part of our existence so isn’t natural that we want it to be a happy existence? In my experience it would appear not as I’ve never met one person, who worked for someone else, that loved, let alone, thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of their job.
To be happier in your work life you need to start doing things differently. If you don’t, you’re practicing the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
When I started concentrating on developing a strong sense of self, things began to change. I want to encourage others to do the same.
I think people believe there is more to life than a merry-go-round rotated by uninspiring work.
It can be in your job, writing a book or spending time with your family. Whatever it is, do it with joy.
It’s OK to be different. Avoid people who say, “You can’t do that.” Or “We’ve always done it that way.” Listen to Mark Twain, “Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
If you’re not happy with the way your business is going then you have to do something courageous.
Enhance, emphasise and flaunt.
To succeed you need to be comfortable in your own skin.
We need to acknowledge all the beautiful women out there.
Combined with simple marketing techniques, eBook authors gain the satisfaction of sharing their story while visualising their ascent up the eBook bestseller list.

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In regards to your recent article, I congratulate the brave and beautiful entrepreneur Madisen Harper for her fabulous attitude and pioneering spirit.
L.M., Brighton QLD
Far from dull. Heaps of sensible material. Nick Galvin

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