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limitLESS® 10-Week Book Club

Over Mediocrity and Want to be Limitless?


  • Tired of chaos and want to co-create a fulfilling life once and for all?
  • Feel there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing?
  • Like to cultivate more happiness?
  • Over feeling stuck?
  • Want to access your infinite potential?

During this transformational program you’ll learn the Framework Madisen used to Guide over 20,000 to triumph in areas where they’d previously failed

  • Access the powerful subconscious mind to harness the Law of Attraction
  • Identify what makes you truly happy to effortlessly navigate your life
  • Make clear, confident decisions
  • Overcome persistent challenges and blocks once and for all
  • Balance spiritual, mental, emotional & physical energy systems for well-being & success
  • Manifest what you desire immediately by using a simple limitLESS® process
  • Actively move beyond meditation to access your Inner Guru and receive customized guidance to quickly and easily co-create your desires

Madisen charges $4000 for her limitLESS® coaching series but the Perfect Unison community gains access for just $197

 Included in your $197 investment:

  • 10-week book club / coaching course
  • Approximately 15 hours of downloadable audio recordings that you can refer to time after time
  • $75 worth of downloadable audios that are a companion to the book

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Portion of Sales go to Animal Welfare

Benefits to People Who Want to Get Clear, Heighten Joy and Access Their Infinite Potential


Whenever you’re ready to start.

What to Bring to Your Book Club Listening Session

Open mind, bottle of water, notepad, pen, copy of limitLESS® book or eBook.


This transformational program and book is based on Madisen Harper’s successful PhD research and #1 best selling book, limitLESS® – 10 Energy Excelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential. The framework uses the powerful subconscious mind to harness the Law of Attraction, access infinite potential and finally succeed where other manifestation processes failed.

There are three key pillars to living a limitLESS® life:

  • Building a strong and stable FOUNDATION to launch your limitLESS® life.
  • Connecting with and trusting your Inner Guru and having the FAITH in yourself to know that you have all the answers within you.
  • Practicing and immersing yourself in the first two pillars to FLOURISH in self, health and wealth.

Your success is linked to the Law of Attraction which has an energetic focus of like attracts like.  Your ability to manipulate this energy is how you manifest your desires. limitLESS® leverages this process with ten energy concepts that not only accelerate progress but allow you to excel.

Over a 10-week period attendees will work through the framework based on the following ‘Energy Excelerators’:


Energy Excelerator #1: How Do You Know What You Know?

As tapping into Universal wisdom is a large part of the limitLESS® process the first concept asks readers, “How do you know what you know?” From making decisions to obtaining information. This information is used as a baseline to access infinite wisdom but to also assess if some of your thoughts, concerns and worries belong to you or those around you.

Energy Excelerator #2: Clear, Calm, and Connected

Most people complain they’re too busy to do anything positive for themselves let alone clear their mind to receive inspiration that will guide them along their journey. This Excelerator teaches you how to get clear, calm and connected.

Energy Excelerator #3: Life Pillars

There are key areas that support your life and Madisen identifies 10 Life Pillars: career, community, education, family, finances, friends, health, home life, love life and personal development / spirituality.

At different times in your life certain pillars will be more prominent. For example, when you’re 18 years old you’re probably focusing on friends, when you’re in your 20s it may be finances. The point is, not all Life Pillars are created equal.

In this session you will assess which pillars are most important to you and how happy you are in that area right now. Madisen suggests applying the limitLESS® framework to the area where you identify high importance, but a low level of happiness in order to get the best results. It’s time to get clear on what makes YOU happy.

Energy Excelerator #4: Your Four Energy Systems

If a part of your life is out of whack it’s an indicator that your energy systems are misaligned. According to quantum mechanics we live in an energy-based existence so it’s important to nourish and balance your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical counterparts to achieve well-being and success. This Excelerators identifies how to achieve this.

Energy Excelerator #5: The Value of Values

What are your top three values? When most people are asked this question they have no idea and it’s another major factor that contributes to your energy being out of alignment. Madisen created an online tool to identify, prioritize, and apply your values in order to make better decisions, navigate your life, and enhance happiness. This Excelerator allows you to begin navigating your life in an empowering way.

Energy Excelerator #6: Aware, Acknowledge, Awake – 3 Keys to Releasing Barriers to Success

One of the reasons the self-help industry is worth $12 billion is because people are challenged to overcome roadblocks once and for all. It trips them up time after time and they constantly seek solutions.

Firstly you need to be aware of the issues which can be a little uncomfortable but what’s more uncomfortable is them recurring time after time.

For some simply acknowledging the issues causes them to go away, but sometimes you need to awaken a part of you that has been dormant for some time and make it your new reality. For example, if you keep telling yourself, “There’s never enough money.” You’re going to need to reprogram yourself by accessing the powerful subconscious mind in order to awaken and anchor a new existence such as, “There’s always enough money and I have financial freedom.”

You’ll learn how access the subconscious mind through self-hypnosis to reprogram the mind, plus gain access to many challenge busting tools including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Ho’ponopono.

Energy Excelerator #7: States that Satiate and Cultivate Gratitude

It’s not really the stuff that makes you happy, but the state it creates for you.

Do you really want the exotic vacation to make you feel happy or are you truly craving the states of freedom and relaxation? Now imagine if you could recognize and cultivate those states right now.
The more you discover your desired states and find opportunities to be grateful for where they exist in your day-to-day the more joyful you become.

The kicker is, when you cultivate this state driven energy and gratitude you get the stuff anyway!

In this session you will identify the states and practice developing them.


Energy Excelerator #8: Guiding Your Life

As motivational speaker Anthony Robbins says, “Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.”

When speaking with clients and PhD research participants Madisen recognized the challenges they had around making decisions, big or small. There was often a fear of not making the ‘right’ decision so they’d procrastinate or do nothing at all which was a decision unto itself.

Participants will be provided with tools to help them make clear, confident decision.

Energy Excelerator #9: Accessing Your Inner Guru

Accessing your internal wisdom is Madisen’s favorite concept as it’s the one energy process that really shifts people quickly and makes a significant difference to their lives. Clients love this practice because the information they mine is pure gold!

Learn how to access your ‘Inner Guru’ (aka known as gut feeling, intuition, Higher Self, Universal wisdom and the like) by plugging into omnipotent energy. Even those who access this energy constantly find the limitLESS® approach offers a fresh and life changing perspective.

In this state people access answers, inspiration, and actions from infinite Universal wisdom which helps them obtain guidance and solutions specific to their life which is the key reason why other people’s resources don’t work wholly for them.

This one principle alone changes people’s lives and allows them to finally thrive.


Energy Excelerator #10: limitLESS® Blueprint

If there is one habit Madisen consistently observes it’s people’s inability to stay focused on one practice long enough to make it work. Clients complain, ‘But I’ve tried everything’, and that’s true, they’ve worked really hard, but they’ve not been committed to one process for a reasonable period of time. The Blueprint keeps participants, on-track, focused and motivated.

Included in your $197 investment:

  • 10-week book club / coaching course
  • Approximately 15 hours of downloadable audio recordings of the book club you can refer to time after time
  • $75 worth of downloadable audios that are a companion to the book

Remote Attendee Virtual Registration

About Madisen Harper

Madisen is an international speaker, best selling author, life enrichment mentor and human potential expert who guides people towards their limitLESS® life.

Her latest book, limitLESS® – 10 Energy Excelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential, is a #1 international bestseller which takes the reader on an incredible journey of self-discovery.  The framework creates a foundation to launch success, harness Universal energy, and access the reader’s powerful Inner Guru. The process has guided over 20,000 people to triumph in self, health and wealth and in areas where they previously failed.

She has developed a limitLESS® Luminary audio series and had the pleasure of interviewing inspiring people who are accessing their infinite potential. Recent interviews include:

  • Marci Shimoff– #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul
  • Arielle Ford – Leading pioneer and personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement and author of seven books including The Soulmate Secret. Renowned publicist to Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield and many more.
  • Jeff Rivera – American young adult best selling novelist and media personality whose top interviews include: Hugh Hefner, Seth Godin, Jackie Collins, Fergie, Enrique Iglesias and Avril Lavigne.

Madisen’s first bestselling book, Wake Up…Live the Life You Love – Living in the Now, was co-authored with success expert Brian Tracy, sales champion Tom Hopkins, Millionaire Mentor Gregory Scott Reid and The Secret’s business guru John Assaraf and spiritual leader Dr. Michael Beckwith.

Her inspirational and fresh ideas have been quoted worldwide on hundreds of websites and in mainstream media, including: The Sunday Mail, The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, Woman’s Day, LA Times, A Current Affair, The Courier Mail and Dallas Times.

Madisen holds a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Master of Commerce majoring in Marketing with a minor in Organizational Behavior and Change, Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology with a minor in Mass Communications and a Higher Diploma of Advanced Freelance Journalism. She holds certificates in Corporate Coaching & Mentoring, EFT® (Emotional Freedom Techniques®) and NLP. In addition to her formal training, she is a practiced trance medium, with a Shamanic Archetype of World-Builder who creates a framework for people to understand their spirituality and the reality of the world in which they live.

Former Director-General for the Department of Women, Robyn Henderson said, “She is an inspiration.”

Remote Attendee Virtual Registration

Portion of Sales go to Animal Welfare