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In Our Quest for Human Development…it’s time to become limitLESS®

limitLESS® is an initiative of individuals coming together as one to create a limitLESS® legacy for themselves, those around them and the planet.

The limitLESS® project was created out of inspiration. Driving home on a sunny Spring afternoon the Project’s founder, Madisen Harper, was inspired to visit the Bahai Temple. She had driven past it hundreds of times and had never thought to go in. But on this day a persistent thought entered her mind telling her to visit the temple and take a pen and paper with her.

She was greeted by a volunteer who explained that the Bahai faith’s central theme was that humanity is one family and that the time has come for its unification into a peaceful global society. Madisen was intrigued as she had just been talking about the power of oneness over lunch with a friend.

As she sat alone in the large building the following message poured onto the page:

Great love and faith is all that is needed for oneness, humankind and individual joy.

The openness you feel as you sit in this vast space is the essence you must teach to create Universal love and compassion. To create hope and trust that a euphoric state can be achieved, for every issue in the ‘outside world’ reflects aspects of what is represented within each of us.

As Within So Without

 Anger within creates war outside. Fears within creates fears without. Sadness within creates great depression without.

“How can that be?” many ask, “I didn’t create a war!”

But you are not just, but contributing to the collective conscious that drives the momentum that moves the world in either a positive or negative direction.

You are but one, but add your neighbour, your family, your colleagues and see how quickly the seed grows and that’s when mass anger and hate turns into wars or love evolves into a caring community where individuals and the collective can move mountains.

As she sat in the Bahai temple Madisen observed that the chairs were linked two-by-two. And that’s how it starts, minds coming together to contemplate and communicate and just like Noah’s ark, two-by-two create a new civilization.

Helen who explained the Bahai concept still focussed on a modern messengers who lead the followers. But in that moment Madisen realized that wisdom and guidance could be inspired by these people but we all have the power to be our own gurus by being curious, asking questions and listening for the answers.

So the question arose, which forms the hypothesis of this Project, “Where do people get their inspiration from that encourages them along their personal development journey?”

After working with thousands of people Madisen knew that inspiration came from books, movies, lectures and the like, but they often only created a spark but what really transformed their lives from working through perspiration to inspiration was a connection that with an essence greater than themselves. Some may call it intuition, a Higher Power, tapping into the powerful oneness of the Universe. Regardless of the label it is a driver that encourages them to be inspired and explore their limitLESS® potential and joy.

There are those that think that searching for these desired state is futile, but know that if that the desire has been lit within you, it is achievable. But most people are looking in the wrong direction.

When you stop searching for answers outside yourself and start exploring within you are connecting with an inner wisdom that is far grander than anything you could ever find in a book, audio, seminar, video or watching TV.

That is where passion and potential are ignited. Because when we look outside ourselves we may be surrounded by great inspiration but we more often than not encounter messages of evidence of what is wrong in the world. You just need to watch the news or read the newspaper with their plethora of headlines which are like negative affirmations feeding your subconscious and LIMITING YOU.

The inner connection, once free of the ego, critical voice and beliefs that do not belong to you are cleared, can literally create a state of less limitation.


And as Madisen sat in that vast space and quickly downloaded her thoughts, the essence and name of the limitLESS® Project evolved

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