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‘Fix’ vs ‘Flow’

As you know a big part of accessing your limitLESS™ potential is tapping into your Inner Guru which is connected to infinite Universal wisdom. The other day I was tuning in and had the most amazing realization about ‘fix’ vs

How Goal Setting Sabotages Your Success

“Goal setting is often considered an important contributor to achieving your ambitions but for many they are limiting”, says Dr. Madisen Harper, author of limitLESS – 10 Energy Excelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential. Since childhood we have been taught

Visualization vs Actualization – Are You Anchoring or Sabotaging Your Success?

by Dr. Madisen Harper Talk about a match made in heaven when Shannon Bush and I connected. She’s the publisher of Limitlessly YOU! Magazine and host of Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life Radio Show. Click on the links below

The ‘Why’ Behind my limitLESS® Purpose

by Dr Madisen Harper People know how my book limitLESS® came about, but not many know why I do what I do. Check out this month’s issue of Y Mag for insight. Yep, that’s me on the cover 🙂 If you

Over Mediocrity and Want to be Limitless? SPECIAL COURSE OFFER

Starting April 29th, 2013 – limitLESS Book Club and Group Coaching for just $197!!! Consider the following: Are you over mediocrity? Do you feel there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing now? Are there areas in your life where

What’s Wrong with the World? I AM

  by Madisen Harper Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Liar Liar, The Nutty Professor, Bruce Almighty, Patch Adams, Accepted, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, have helped establish Tom Shadyac as one of Hollywood’s most successful writer/director/producers. But what

LIMI Radio Interview

Access Your limitLESS® Potential – Radio Interview    

The Heart is the New Mind – Heart and Mind Quotes


In Our Quest for Human Development…it’s time to become limitLESS®

limitLESS® is an initiative of individuals coming together as one to create a limitLESS® legacy for themselves, those around them and the planet. The limitLESS® project was created out of inspiration. Driving home on a sunny Spring afternoon the Project’s