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limitLESS® Successes

Madisen’s success is dependent on her client’s achievements. She loves what she does and is grateful to hear how her work benefits others by heightening their personal growth and success.

“Thank you for your time and presentation at our Women of Wisdom (WOW) lunch. The event was aptly named with your presentation – everyone was truly ‘wowed’ by your wisdom and expertise, and the feedback has been exceptional.

We look forward to hearing and reading more about your Limitless journey, and are certain many of our attendees will be in touch with you individually to continue the conversations and engagement you started with us.

Thank you again for your time and ‘being of service’ to WCEI members and guests. It was greatly appreciated.”

Andrea Plawutsky
Women Chiefs of Enterprises International (WCEI)


“As a leadership team member at National Speakers Association I get to see a lot of ‘inspirational’ speakers. I was really inspired by Madisen. Her knowledge is deep but her enthusiasm for helping others to commercially succeed  sets her in a class apart. I and others were enthralled.

Everyone left the room buzzing with ideas and with a clear idea of something they would implement immediately. Madisen is an exceptionally gifted and giving speaker.”

Julie Garland McLellan
National Speakers Association


You are an inspiration to women.

Robyn Henderson, former Director-General, Department for Women

Madisen is testament to how a positive attitude can change an environment for the better, especially in the workplace. I’ve been lucky to have worked along side Madisen for many years and have seen her transform teams from just running through the motions, to being passionate and committed – her enthusiasm for life, her ability to tell it like it is and the quality of her work are infectious and inspire others to do and be their best.

Sonia Johnson, Head of Marketing, Inside Info, – Sydney, Australia

I congratulate the brave and beautiful entrepreneur Madisen Harper for her fabulous attitude and pioneering spirit.

L.M., Brighton QLD

Over the years, Madisen’s messages have touched me deeply. Instead of giving me advice, she has the unique ability to bring out the answers from within me. Her wisdom and non-judgemental attitude are so refreshing and rare to find – Madisen gives of herself wholeheartedly and with no strings attached. She is generous and kind, yet graceful … she has shown me how to question people’s motives, situations and not just accept them at face value. Madisen has given me the strength to stand up, when I was feeling weak and has guided me not to settle for anything other than what is in my highest good. I am privileged to know her and eternally grateful for taking this journey alongside me.

Ivana – Sydney, Australia

In working with Madisen she has changed the way I view relationships at work (and life in general), and how to appreciate and focus on the positives in life, and translate these into the various facets of day to day relationships. She has taught me that the power of positive thinking can make a dramatic improvement to your own feelings/motivation, and also those around you.

Shaun – Sydney, Australia

Madisen held seminars for Year 8 and Year 9 students. They were well received by the girls and several students approached Madisen after each presentation to further discuss issues arising from the material covered. One student told Madisen that she was an “inspiration” for young girls trying to decipher the barrage of self-esteem messages they are bombarded with.
The community certainly benefits from such altruistic role models as Madisen Harper.

Melinda Bower, Pymble Ladies’ College – Australia

Madisen Harper brings a wonderful combination of high energy and high expertise to any workplace. Her outstanding professional skills, dynamism and ‘can do’ attitude are fantastic assets. It has been my pleasure to have worked with her for over three years. Madisen is truly inspirational, with the bonus of being a really nice person, who thrives on seeing others succeed.

Sandra, Manager, Sydney – Australia

You have helped me tremendously on my journey of self / conscious awakening. Having a dialogue with you is like getting a dose and a ‘power-hit’ of inspiration. What a wonderful positive influence you have been in my life!

Jessica Ahn, Sydney – Australia

Madisen, your enthusiasm and confidence is brilliant, I just wish as a young woman, there were more women out there like you in every field – to show girls my age that you can be astounding and successful and most importantly happy; in your strive to achieve your goals.

Louise – Australia

Madisen inspires because of the person that she is and the example that she constantly sets. Madisen’s sense of fun, her can-do attitude, as well as her incredible brain and unquenching thirst for knowledge both inspires and challenges people (yes – the men too) to strive for more, do better and achieve as much as is humanly possible in any situation.

Sharon – ACT, Australia

You are a very inspirational person, and one day when Oprah tells me to name the people who inspired me I will mention you.

Louise L – Australia

Madisen is one of those rare and precious human beings with the ability to connect with and touch others on a level that inspires self reflection and soul searching. Her attitude in life is so refreshing, and is a stark contrast to the conditioned thinking of society in general. Her presence is a gift to those in it.

Danyah C. Christie, friend and spiritual neophyte, Sydney – Australia

I see your name popping up everywhere Madisen and you’re really getting out there and making a difference to a lot of people – the decision to take “the road less travelled” certainly looks like it’s starting to pay off!

Julie – Australia