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Investment Schedule & Booking Information

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Investment Schedule



Keynote Speech (45-60 minutes) $5,500 + GST $5,000
Half-day Workshop (4 hours) $11,000 + GST $10,000
Full-day Workshop (8 hours) $21,000 + GST $20,000
Travel Free, 2-days or more travel fee per day $700 + GST + expenses (per travel day) $700 + GST + expenses (per travel day)
1on1 coaching $500 + GST per hour $500
Consulting Negotiated by project Negotiated by project

In addition to the above, clients may also get access to Madisen’s content ranging from tips to articles to videos. This reinforces the message you have already invested in.  Content can be distributed to clients, included in newsletters and placed on the Intranet or Internet.

* AUD$ = Australian dollars for Australian and New Zealand clients,
rest of world please use USD$ = U.S. dollar amount

Audio taping Rights additional 50% of fee
Video taping Rights additional 75% of fee
Access to presentation, notes and other materials not available, but occasionally open to negotiation

To book Madisen internationally requires the above speaking investment, plus business class air travel plus Madisen’s accommodations, transfers and meals.

Contact: for more information on having Madisen speak at your next event
and availability and bookings.

PLEASE NOTE – We cannot hold dates until the Speaker Contract has been signed and returned within 48 hours.

United States
8721 Santa Monica Boulevard, #829
Los Angeles, CA 90069-4507
(310) 594-5138
PO Box 102
(612) 8006 2248

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Madisen Harper Profiles

Right click to download Madisen’s introduction bio

Contact: for promotional pictures and logos.

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Room and Audio Visual Suggestions

Help Madisen make your program the best it can be. Please review the audio visual suggestions below and let us know if there are any challenges.


  • Wireless lavaliere microphone or wireless headset
  • Data projector to be hooked up to Madisen’s MacBook Pro laptop


  • Where possible please set the room up theater or classroom style with two side aisles and no center aisle.
  • A lectern or table with clock or timer or clock at the back of the room


Please do not schedule the event in a cafeteria, marketplace, lobby or other open area during lunch, dinner or high-foot traffic hours between lectures or other events. The event should, whenever possible, be scheduled in a separate room that is free from noise disturbances.

Room Environment

  • A bright stage helps keep audience focus on the presenter. If the room has any spotlights, please aim them for a general wash of the front of the stage.
  • People are more alert in brightness. Dim the lighting on the screens but keep the house lights up full.
  • Temperature: A cool room produces an alert audience, please aim for a room temperature somewhere between 68-70oF / 20-21oC.

Recording of Presentation

Madisen’s material is protected by copyright. However, audio and / or video recording may be permitted with prior arrangement. A separate recording agreement must be signed prior to the event.

Audio taping Rights additional 50% of fee
Video taping Rights additional 75% of fee

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Travel Specifications

  • Road transport to and from event (or reimbursement of expenses)
  • 4-star or higher hotel room / suite with queen or king size bed
  • Business class airfare, book most direct route (please contact our offices for preferred airlines and with airline details prior to booking).
  • Expenses – meals, road transport, plus other event related costs

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Book Signings and Product Sales

You may request that Madisen do a book signing straight after her presentation / training. She is usually allocates 45 minutes for this experience if there are no commitments following the speaking engagement. Please provide a book signing table plus a chair for the book signing ideally located at the back of the room, next to the doors in which the audience members will be exiting.

As she will be making continuing education materials available to the audience. A volunteer is requested to act as a cashier to enable Madisen to focus on signing books for participants and / or taking photos. Speaker will provide the monies needed for cashiering.

Books may be pre-ordered by the hiring organization for $15.00 per book plus shipping to their location and must be ordered no less than 3 weeks prior to the event.  Hiring organization must deposit the funds for such a purchase prior to the order of the books and it is their responsibility to ensure the book shipment is at the event.

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